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Calendar:  7 June 2005

Opening hours: 10.30 - 19.00

Meet & Greets


Aren’t they cute, our Dino’s? Luckily, they aren’t dangerous at all and you can meet them if you want to! At least… if they aren’t bad mooded… Otherwise, you don’t want to get them upset. Take your chance and make a great selfie with one of them.

ATTENTION: our dino’s are afraid of water so they’ll stay in their cave when it’s raining!


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Vic the Viking & The Plopsa King

"Meet & greet" is great fun – not only for the kids! In addition to the numerous riding attractions around the famous TV figures you can also meet the cute figures live within the context of the ”meet & greet“ event several times a day. Take a chance to dance with Vic the Viking or take a funny souvenir photo with the Plopsa King..

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